Mindfulness & Meditation Training for Professionals

Mindfulness Defined:  Being present in moment without judgement or anticipation, effortlessly.

Meditation Defined:  Intelligently controlling your mind and expanding its awareness and use of Consciousness.

Tip Toe (Lunch and Learn) Presentations start at $597 and Gateway Training (Full Beginner) Trainings start at $1,597Your Health Insurance Wellness funds often pay for this.

What Your Team Members Will Learn--and Leave With--From Our Training:

  • Manage Work Overwhelm

  • Manage Work (and Personal) STRESS

  • Sharpen Focus & Concentration

  • Improve Relationship Dynamics at Work

  • Enhance Problem Solving Skills

  • Apply Professional Meditation Techniques for Use At-Work

  • Lead Mindfully 

  • Become Agility Monsters (think of this as the business professional alternative to a Cirque du Solei acrobat!)

  • Become Mindful Professionals


Our Method

Our Method is brief lecture, immersion via hands-on experience, debrief and repeat the process.  The lecture creates a basis of understanding including sharing the science and research, but much of the workshop is hands-on participant-paired and grouped-paired experiences. Each participant will receive:

                                              1.  A Workbook,

                                              2.  A Chasing Mindfulness Journal, and

                                              3.  An LED candle for future Mindful Meditations at work or at home.


 All trainings are given at your place of business or event - minimizing any work disruption - it just doesn't get more convenient that that!

We have 5 Levels of Training - Let US Guide You

Levels 1 and 2 are for Beginners; Level 3 is for Intermediate to Advancing Participants, level 4 is Train the Trainer for those intending to become your corporation's Experts, and Level 5 is Elite Customized Training for Executive, Sales, and Product Development Teams

Tip Toe - Pre Beginners!

0.  Tip Toe - We offer a very engaging, 55-minute overview with Team Member participation.  Client Provides light snacks.  Tip Toe starts at $597.

Levels 1 & 2 Intro - Basic and Full-Basic - Beginners!

1.  Gateway Training - this is meant for beginners who have never had a Mindfulness or Meditation practice or are just starting.  This training runs for 2 or 4-hours.  There is Power Point presentation but over 2/3 of the workshop is hands on practice, role plays, and discussion.  Level Intro-Basic trainings cover some material more briefly than in Level Full-Basic; Level Intro-Basic starts at $1,597 and Level Full-Basic starts at $2,497.

2.  Drill Downs - these are 2, 55-minute follow up sessions done in person or via technology, discounted if packaged with Gateway Training.  They serve one or two purposes:  a) to reinforce a technique/topic or two presented in the Gateway Training (such as the Stress Domino); or b) to add additional techniques to broaden participant knowledge and skill. A package of two start at $997.

Level 3 - ​Intermediate to Advancing!

3.  Advanced Explorations -  this is meant for participants who have passed the Gateway Training or otherwise have had a disciplined practice for at least 8 weeks.  This course will include  4 or 5 of the following in a 6 hour format.  Trainings start at $3,497:

                                        1.  Deeper Guided Meditations

                                        2.  Silent Mantra Meditations

                                        3. Inner Essence Meditation - learn to dialogue with your subconscious mind to dramatically

                                             accelerate positive change and Stress Management

                                        4.  Meditation with Hemi-Sync technology

                                        5.  Energetic Healing Techniques

                                        6.  Energetic Connection Meditation - powerful, that's all we'll say for now

                                        7.  Participant lead exercises - yes, there will be some prework!

                                        8.  Discussion of advanced topics such as the Law of One, Cymatics, Use of the Past Lives Model

                                             in Healing (#8 is "heavy stuff" and is not appropriate for all audiences

Level 4 - Train the Trainer!

​4.  Train the Trainer - this is meant for team members who have attended the Gateway Training program or have equivalent experience.  There are two levels:

                                       1.  Red Belt Certification - this is a 50 hour certification.  40 hours of pre-work (with testing) plus

                                           on-site  10 hours of classroom.   This is open to graduates of the Gateway Training (or

                                           equivalent).  Team Members will learn to conduct and guide employees through many of the

                                           techniques of the Gateway Training.  This training is focused on Team Members learning to

                                           teach other Team Members.  Each graduating Team Member will receive a Martial Arts Red

                                           Belt signifying a very powerful trainer.  Trainings start at $750 per Team Member.  Materials fee

                                           is approximately $100.

                                       2.  Black Belt Certification - this mirrors the Red Belt Certification and is open to graduates of the

                                             Advanced Explorations training (or equivalent).  Each graduation Team Member will receive an

                                            Name Embroidered Martial Arts Black Belt signifying considerable trainer and Mastery

                                            Level of Mindfulness & Meditation.  Each Team Member will also get to break and keep

                                            their very own Karate Board.  Trainings start at $750 per Team Member.  Red Belts may attend

                                            for $250 (limits apply).  Materials Fee is approximately $100.

Level 5 - Elite, Customized Training for Executive, Sales, and Product Development Teams!

5.  Customized Training for Elite Teams - this is highly customized and target-specific training for smaller teams (<= 10 Team Members).  Training starts at $5,000 and is held offsite (at your organization's cost).  You better hold on for this one!  Each Team Member will receive a Name Embroidered  Martial Arts Black Belt!