For Immediate Release: 10/31/2017


Christopher “Chase” Carey, MBA

Chasing Mindfulness



Chasing Mindfulness positioned to accelerate corporate adoption of Stress Management Training

Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers combine strengths to “amp up” employee and business health.  It’s ALL ABOUT PERFECTING YOUR PERFORMANCE.

Atlanta, GA: Today Chasing Meditation – a Meditation training company offering proven neuroscience-based methods for accessing instantaneous Meditative states, announced its partnership with Qonscious Fit, LLC – a Holistic Wellness and Mindfulness Training company focused on Corporate Performance through Mindfulness and overall Wellness. Their combined deliverable, including easier and faster access to meditation “know how” coupled with non-meditative stress reduction techniques customized to the business need and applicable on the job immediately, will help businesses experience results faster.  This, along with measurement tools for tracking progress, is expected to bring unprecedented exposure to the value of Corporate Mindfulness.  Leveraging combined strengths of the parent companies, Chasing Mindfulness is positioned to better serve businesses who want to help their employees manage stress, become more resilient and improve work performance.    


Regarding the partnership decision, lead Meditation Trainer Christopher (Chase) Carey said: “Corporate business cultures are as diverse as individual personalities…our partnership helps us serve clients in the ways that best serve them…and more easily bridge the gap between meditation and work-life activity.”

Rachel Moncayo, lead Corporate Focus Mindfulness Trainer added: “It is a natural fit:  both of us bring a collective 40+ years of Corporate background, with deep experience in everything from “cubicle life” to Management roles for Healthcare, Logistics, Technology, Education... and we both approach our work with levity, fully committed to making Mindfulness and Meditation fun, approachable, and easy to access.” 


As new concepts for improving wellness and performance in the corporate arena, Mindfulness and Meditation programs that are customized to the challenges of the business, bring employees up to speed quickly and demonstrate positive results are the ones that are most likely to succeed.  Chasing Mindfulness has positioned itself for just that. 


Chasing Meditation, is a Meditation Training company lead by Christopher “Chase” Carey, MBA.  In addition to being a Monroe Institute Graduate and Professional Member, Chase holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt.  He is a WHIL Certified Mindful Leader, Professional Speaker, Certified Reiki Master and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.  He is also writer/author of "Chasin' Meditation:  The Step By Step Guide to a Stress-Free Life Through Meditation."  He received a BS from Penn State University and his MBA from Villanova University’s School of Business


Qonscious Fit, is a Holistic Wellness and Corporate Mindfulness company lead by Rachel Moncayo. Rachel is the creator of the Move-Nourish-Mind® wellness concept and Mind-Muscle Training. She is MBSR trained, a graduate of Karin Kabalah Process of Awakening Mindfulness Path-Working Program and Dr. Joe Dispenza Encephalon Intensive and Progressive Meditation Workshops.  She is an RYT Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Level 1 Certified. Rachel holds a BA in Communications and Education, and an Honors-Awarded Thesis in Language and Culture. 


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