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This book was written for professionals just like you.  So let me get right to it.  Do you want to learn how to improve your life – this weekend – with virtually no physical effort? (Sorry, you are going to have to use your brain and mind!). If the answer is YES, click on the image and go directly to my book on and purchase the ebook or the eco-friendly paperback book.  For many professionals, this is a tax deductible purchase.


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-- MEDIATION ALWAYS SEEMED to be a “weird” thing with the chants and poses, but in this book Chase Carey demystifies meditation and makes it accessible to meditation newbies, like me. From other things I’d read, meditation was about think about nothing, so I really wasn’t interested. But Chase shows how meditation can have purpose and things can be happen with meditation to dramatically improve ones life. Chase includes a great personal example. So it’s not just about thinking nothing and being peaceful. I also thought meditation was tied to an eastern religion, but that is not really true. You can be any religion or no religion and still benefit from meditation.


-- A FRIEND SAID I know a number of successful people, and they all meditate. With this easy to understand guide I’m working on meditating. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a more stress-free life.

-- TRY IT…you’ll like it! By Seema Jani​


-- I have been meditating most of my adult life and I love how Chase takes a practical approach to the subject. He uses humor and easy to follow steps to show that meditation can be used for various purposes. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in the subject and wants to give it a try! GREAT READ! By Cathryn E Marshall


-- CHASIN’ MEDITATION is a great basic guide for the persona who is new to meditation. For the experienced Meditator there are several levels to be exported. Well-written and informative. Easy to follow. Highly recommended. —–

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