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Yes You CAN think differently!"
Jonathan Chapovsky, 5th Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor, GTMA

We Create Mental and Emotional Coherence and Alignment Using Deep Mindfulness, Meditation, and Martial Arts Techniques ~ Which Means You Get Unbeatable Performance!

Individual Training

Serious about real growth? Ready to release emotions, bad thoughts, the suck? Needing direction, confirmation, healing?I'm your guy.  Period.

Corporate Training

I help organizations make more money faster by developing the clarity, focus, and determination of its Team Members - turning them into Super Heroes.  Period.

Mind Warrior!

Motivational Engagement like you've Never seen before!

Each participant gets to BREAK and KEEP their very own KARATE BOARD!

Speaker & Author

Hear Chase's personal story  of a regular person who became a highly regarded professional through the discipline of mindfulness, meditation, and martial arts.

STRESS! So Misunderstood...Yet, So Popular!!
What we have not learned yet is that stress is a result of a real or perceived package of a THREAT plus a CONFLICT.
The inability to manage stress is the direct result of
no training in self-awareness. Unfortunately, it is not taught in schools, not even in graduate schools and unless your employees work for a bleeding-edge business, they will never learn to effectively reduce and manage stress. In fact, we do not want to get rid of stress altogether because it keeps a fire lit - it is when the fire gets out of control and turns into a conflagration that it becomes a problem, as then everything melts down.
Mindfulness and Meditation (MFM) techniques provide significant, scientifically proven,  release and control of stress. They also clear the mind, sharpen focus, and have been proven to lower blood pressure! These trainings can be used to begin the path to self-mastery. Would that not benefit your top performers?  I think so. In fact, I know so.


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About Mr. Chase

Chase Carey is the author of three books:  "Chasin' Meditation, Chasing Your Mind Warrior, and The Meditation Sutras."

He teaches and coaches professional teams using martial arts blended with psychological techniques to engage their subconscious minds causing their Super Power to REIGNITE!  Break a real Karate Board!

He speaks motivationally to engage the "Mind Warrior Attitude" to create Black Belt Results.

Mindfulness is not enough. You've got to engage the mind, spirit, and the body.  The good news is, you won't have to figure it out - I already did it for you!


"Rachel and Chase did an amazing job at bringing 50 of our management staff into a place of calm and productive focus, setting the tone for our 2017 Strategy meeting.  She  helped us understand how to leverage mindfulness and meditation for our work and health, and taught us techniques to apply to  our actual work challenges.  I would highly recommend her to any business looking to add Mindfulness to their Wellness or Performance management initiatives."

​Laura Ballesteros – Director of Global QARA Compliance Halyard Health

Books By Chase
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