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Jim Borden, PhD.
Associate Professor of Accountancy

Villanova University School of Business

I first met Chase over 30 years ago when he was an MBA student in my Accounting class. Chase was one of the top students in the class, and so it was no surprise that he went on to have a successful career. We stayed in touch off and on over the years, and when I discovered he was a meditation and mindfulness guru I asked him if he would be a guest speaker in my business classes. He enthusiastically agreed, and for the past several years Chase’s annual visit to my classes has been the highlight of my courses. His knowledge, humor, and charisma are sure to educate and entertain any audience.


Jake Locklear,

APM President & CEO

An Affiliate of GE Power Services

We live and work in a world full of distractions, and often times that leads to loss of focus and momentum on key priorities. In search of something to help my team find clarity to deliver goals that are most critical to the business, we reached out to Chase to help us find the ‘calm in the eye of a storm’. We are a construction business delivering solutions in the Power industry, and Chase adeptly related the concept of mindfulness and meditation to a construction environment and workforce, leveraging his unique expertise and skill set.

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Becca Bonacchi

Account Manager

American Global Logistics

I didn't know that being stressed was OPTIONAL and that there are scientifically proven techniques I can - and did - learn in just one afternoon!  Chasing Mindfulness makes it all so easy.  The training is well structured, engaging, and really effective.  The training explains the real science behind Mindfulness and Meditation, which is fascinating.  Did you ever hear about neuroplasticity?  You will!  Chase has a unique ability to connect with teams and with his 20 years in Corporate America he really knows the stressors we face.  He's one of us - guiding us through each technique.  This is a training your team will love you for and never forget.  Thanks Chase!

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John, "JD", Dammann,

Market VP & Wellness Leader


I've really got to say my team and I got a lot more than we expected with Chasing Mindfulness training.  The training was very engaging,

hands on, easy to follow, and best of all, the role plays really targeted solutions to the stressors and challenges our team faces every day.  It wasn't a one-size fits all.  We've already had Chasing Mindfulness back once and look forward to more!


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