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LET'S GO BACK TO 1992/1993

There was a freshly minted medical doctor enjoying his residency at a major US medical center.

His career was skyrocketing as he had become one of the leading research doctors into

miscarriages, a terrible loss that affects millions of women.  He was one of the brightest

medical doctors in the US and even earned a PhD.

He married a pretty girl that worked in his hospital.  Bright, fun, and bat shit crazy (apparently

it runs in her family).  After the second or third time she was brought to his Emergency Room -

at the very edge of death -  due to yet another suicide attempt, he took action.  Bad decision #1. 

His treatment plan for her:  get her addicted to oxycotin-like prescription pills and, hell, while

he's at it, why not get himself addicted too.  After all, he was a better surgeon high than most

surgeons were sober, or so he thought.  Flawed critical thinking at best and certainly bad

decision #2.

How'd he do it?  He became one of the first Pill-Mill doctors in the US, buying pills at, literally,

(in his very own words), "every single pharmacy in Ohio."  But he went clean, entering a program

for doctors who got addicted to pills (you would be shocked at the number of doctors this

happens too).  He would be heavily supervised for a period of a year or more but he would avoid

jail, and grow to be a productive medical doctor.   That was the hope.


A good, robust, supervised plan, until a couple/few bad city cops entered his life: a tragic

cop-caused accident, a lawsuit against one of that cops' insurance policies, an unscrupulous

insurance examiner and a company hired lawyer (think, "Better Call Saul,"), and then an

attempted arrest.

He fled.  He called one of his brothers to meet him at that brother's cabin in the Pocono

Mountains.  He arrived at 2 am, taking a circuitous route to avoid arrest.  Full confession going

to the wee hours of the morning.  The next morning breakfast at a diner plus a $20 tip for the waitress.  A day of camaraderie, mid-day at the outdoor shooting range - a very favorite and rare

joy for the two brothers, an easy afternoon, a tearful parting.  He saying to his brother,  as he

prepared to leave, "Buzzy, you will never see me again after you leave.  Never."


At night, check into a hotel off the interstate, a room-service steak dinner, a rented movie,

a suicide note, and then a pistol in his mouth.  Bang.  Ear splitting.  A lot of bleeding.  Then

silence.  His 3rd and final bad decision.

The brother he called was me.

Chase Cruise Cropped.jpg


The challenge for me, beyond the obvious, was to get help for a disabling illness I was suffering.  My brother could not determine the cause but he was the only one in the medical community who treated me effectively and consistently - after all, my primary physician's diagnosis was, "Gee, that's too bad" - and now my brother was gone, in a New York second, no less.


I had gone to one of the best University hospitals in the country, and they did not have an answer.  I was screwed.  I was frightened.  I began to question if the things I had been learning in life were true.  Were they valid and I simply sucked at the rules?  I didn't think so.  A good undergraduate degree, a great masters degree from a leading business school (and now, The #1 Business School in America), a good wife, a wonderful daughter, an important and well paying job.  I tutored math at a local University. But what was happening in my life was really lousy compared to what so many people I knew were experiencing and a number of these people really didn't care about being good at their job, their marriage, or improving their life.  So I searched, I researched, I trained (boy did I train), I spent thousands of dollars of my own dollars and thousands of hours training and practicing.  I traveled, making it as far as the Great Pyramid in Egypt.  I persevered and I made it through.  It took quite a few years.

I learned how to deal with difficult.  I learned how to move through challenges, sometimes by brute force, and sometimes through grace.  Most importantly, I learned how to start forgetting the untruths in life that were holding me back so I could let in the real truths that propelled me forward.  REAL FAR FORWARD.  These things I want to share with you so you too can accelerate your growth, your outcome, your power.


Christopher “Chase” Carey spent 20 years in Corporate America’s Health Insurance and Consulting industry, in significant positions.  In 1998, as a VP of Underwriting for Aetna, Inc., he contacted the Chief Medical Officer telling him of the benefits of Meditation and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques.  He offered to help the company become a major force in bringing these techniques to the health insurance industry and the people it took care of.  He received a courteous reply admitting it all made sense but that he was simply “too far ahead of them.”  17 years later Aetna started teaching its employees to Meditate.  Don't wait 17 years to learn Mindfulness and Meditation.​

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In September 2012, after experiencing treatment during a surgical hospital stay that Chase considered “not appropriate,” he vowed to himself that he would never let anyone take advantage of him again. So pursuing a 25 year dream, he entered the local Taekwondo School and signed up for Black Belt training – which scared the living daylights (polite phrase) out of him! He was out of shape, overweight, and recovering from abominable surgery but he was not about to be defeated. He trained and is currently training under Master Mark Burns, 6th Degree Black Belt, who is a 4 time World Champion and has trained more than 1,000 Black Belts and more than 100 Martial Arts Instructors. Chase also trains under Mr. Jonathan Chapovsky, 5th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor. Both of Karate Atlanta (which are ATA Taekwondo training schools.)A little less than 4 years later as he was training to test for his 2nd Degree Black Belt, he began to ask himself how he could share with others what he had learned during his rigorous training in Martial Arts. Several months later “Chasing Your Mind Warrior! – Learn to Think and Act Like a Black Belt” was created and hit Amazon in the Spring of 2019.  He is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt.


In the 1990’s his Meditation work began at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. He participated in 6 week-long programs consisting of 24/7 immersions into deep Meditative states and guided exploration within them. The training enabled him to re-enter any number of Meditative states, near instantaneously, at will, anywhere, anytime, including at work while solving complex problems as a career insurance executive.  He can teach you to do this too. He also trained with Karen Malik, MA and Harvey Grady of the Center for Human Consciousness and others.

Chase teaches his personally developed Advanced forms of Meditation:  Inner Essence Meditation(TM), Professional Meditation(TM), and Stress Domino Stress Reduction Meditation(TM) and is a Certified Meditation Teacher for the Sarah’s McLean’s SEED Method(TM). Chase became a “whil. Certified Mindful Leader” in 2017.


AUTHOR.  In 2014 he published his first book:  "Chasin' Meditation:  The Step By Step Guide to a Stress-Free Life Through Meditation."  The book is directed specifically toward today's Stressed Professionals and is now in its 2nd Edition.  In 2019 he published, "Chasing Your Mind Warrior," where he teaches professionals, just like you, how to ACT, THINK, and PERSEVERE JUST LIKE A BLACK BELT.  In 2020 he published his deepest book yet, "The Meditation Sutras," which is a mega deep dive into our subconscious mind where all fears and superpowers reside.

Chase is a Ghost Writer, Certified Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Certified Master Scuba Diver, Tactical Firearms Enthusiast, and works as an Actor in TV and Movies (Drop Dead Diva, Necessary Roughness, Satisfaction, A&Es COMA, Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural," Leisure Seekers, and more).  He has Guest Lectured at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He received a BS from Penn State University and his MBA from Villanova University (where he is also a Guest Lecturer).

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