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It's All About Inner Discovery and Alignment.  Anything Else is a
Complete Waste of Your Time.



Are you a High Achievers, Business Executives, Entertainers, People with Serious Growth Goals, and HEALERS.  Then you are a GREAT candidate.

Look, here's the truth.  Our subconscious mind makes up, up to 98% of our conscious mind without us even noticing!  (Don't think so?  Ever do something you knew was stupid but you did it anyway?  Of course you did.  We ALL do.)  But now there's an answer.  It's called Deep Mind Exploration.  (See below for more good stuff).

Our 1-2-1 Performance Training  for Mindfulness & Meditation is priced at $150 for a 3 session package, $349 for an 8 session package.  Sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length and include a signed copy of Chasin' Meditation and a Chasing Mindfulness Notebook/Journal.  They can be done via Zoom and other video products.


"What started as a simple stress management activity has turned into a lifestyle approach to manage energy, both personally and professionally.  

I now power through what used to be exhausting work week, have found a healthier way to work through migraines, and am learning how to manage my energy to improve relationships at work as well as home. My experience in Meditation Training has been life changing as I didn’t just find a way to manage stress, I’ve found a way to manage life."

Russell Roberts - Clorox Corp. Executive

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Does your life look anything like this? Zoom shark presentations, a big court case, an IPO, a new cutting edge surgical operation or perhaps even a starring role. Perhaps you are just crazy busy and itching to move your life forward.  You are too busy for conventional approaches, and taking care of business can get in the way of taking care of you. 

  • Do you want to jump start your practice, dive deep, and wiz by all the people in the slow lanes?

  • Many depend on you...your performance, your delivery?

  • Need unwavering energy and clarity? 

  • Tired of how-to online courses that don't hold you accountable or "cut to the Chase" on exactly what YOU need?

Want to move fast and move ahead?  Give us a click or call and we'll set up a free 15 minute free consultation.  


High Impact. High Result. Fast Results.

 We guarantee your results.


  • Each training program is customized for you. Techniques I use include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep Mind Exploration & Mental Alignment - We dig deep into your subconscious mind, create a dialogue, action plans, and sign a performance agreement.  This is not for the faint of heart but my clients tell me it is life changing.

  • Past Life Exploration and Clearing - We dig in there to discover challenges from your past lives that are impeding you today.

  • Energy Healing - Energetically remove blocks and resistances using EmoSensing and other techniques.

  • Entity Attachment Removal - Think of it as holistic pesticide.

  • Mind Warrior Development - We change the way you Think, Act, and Persevere.

1-2-1 expectations
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