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Chasin' Meditation.  The Step By Step Guide to a Stress Free Life Through Meditation. Specifically designed for today's professionals working in incredibly dynamic and performance focused careers.  It's a soup to nuts, easy read, no mumbo jumbo, just the facts read.

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Chasing Your Mind Warrior.  Turn Your Mind Into a Black Belt's Mind.  This is a motivational and mind perfection book (and training) that teaches everyday professionals to achieve Black Belt results by simply thinking and acting like a Black Belt.  Without ever signing up for training!!

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The Meditation Sutras. How would you like to hold your subconscious mind in your hands and discover the beauty and history of each of its facets? What lives has it lived?  What are its favorite things?  What is it afraid of that it's  hiding from you?  And what Super Powers could it share with you if you were to ask?


The Meditation Sutras is written for Teachers, and for Teachers of Teachers, but is also appropriate for the devoted student of meditation.  This book will guide you to two realizations :  1. That most people do not understand the real world because they are living in the Illusion of Separation and are ignorant of the Law of One.  This causes them to mistreat themselves and others and places an enormous weight upon them, keeping their Spiritual growth in a powered down mode; and 2. That our subconscious minds are so much a part of our conscious minds that we rarely recognize the difference -  but also  - that our subconscious minds are also so very separate and multifaceted.  Exactly:  You have more than just one subconscious mind! 


 Take this journey with me. Mine your own mind!.  After all, that’s where we’ll find the gold.  You and me, together!"

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